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In the south of France...
To set the Hérault, we often tend to compare its territory for an open amphitheater facing the sea.

The geography of the Hérault is marked by the diversity of its geology and landscape. These are staged southern foothills of the Massif Central to the Mediterranean, passing through areas of scrubland and the low plain of the Languedoc wine. The Hérault is bathed in a Mediterranean climate.


The so-called coastal part Portiragnes-Plage formerly “La Redoute” has the common character in Languedoc coast: a string of popular beaches for tourists. North and west of Portiragnes-Plage in an area between the beach, the pool of the Grand Maïre ​​and the Canal du Midi, there is a wetland called "Grand Salan" breeding of various species of birds (flamingos, bee-eaters, herons, hoopoe, mallard, shelduck, ibis ... and for some years a pair of storks). Beyond the Canal du Midi, going back to the north is the "village" and a cultivated partly scrubland area vineyards.

Béziers airport - Cap d'Agde it operates since the late ninety years. In the scrubland it is possible to observe the little bustards, species rare birds (and protected) in the region.


Contemporary renowned Béziers was made through wine, its rugby team XV or its feria, which brings together every summer about a million participants around 15 August.

The city is located on a majestic bluff overlooking the Orb and the Canal du Midi and is a last foothills of the Massif Central in the plain of Bas-Languedoc, in what was one of the largest vineyards in the world.

Béziers is 12 km from the Mediterranean Sea and 50 km moderately high mountains of Haut-Languedoc such as abrupt Caroux massif (1090 meters), Espinouse (1124 m) and the mountains Lacaune, in Tarn (1267 m).

The city is close to the SPA east and south of Beziers important element of the Natura 2000 network

Access A9 or A75

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